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How does China fit into your overall global strategy ?

Understanding the Opportunities and Potential Pitfalls

What form of business model or investment is most appropriate ?

Investing and Entry into China

Understanding the China Business Issues - How those issues impact you on the ground in China and your business in the US

No matter what your particular answers to the above important questions, our firm China Business Development Associates (CBDA) is uniquely suited to help you understand the competitive landscape in China, the potential opportunities that await you in China, and how to avoid the many pitfalls in China.

CBDA was formed by a group of seasoned China business experts who have been in China since the early 1980's and who have been actively collaborating and working together for ten years now. Michael O'laughlin has been a leader in the China legal community since 1980 when he established his law firm in Beijing. Michael has law offices in Hong Kong and China as well as manufacturing operations spread through out China. Steve Wyatt has been in China and the Asia Pacific region since 1994 and has lead one of the world's best known Strategy Consulting companies, the Monitor Group - as their Asia Pacific Director of Strategy since 1994. David Stiefel has been working in mainland China for over twenty years serving in senior management positions with various leading US Fortune 500's and multinational corporations in China. Mr. Zhang Qing, Mr Li Hong, and Ms. Ellen Lu have all worked with David Stiefel over the past fifteen years in China. Each of them bring exceptionally strong talent to CBDA in their respective areas. Please see the Directors section for more information on each of the Directors.

All members of the team – The Directors, Associates, Staff, and Advisors have known each other and worked together in various companies and on various projects in China over the last ten years. Now this team has come together to form CBDA. CBDA brings a diverse group of China experts together with deep experience in their respective areas of expertise in a powerful organization designed to help Clients set China strategy and execute on market entry.

From high level strategic issues, to complex China legal issues, to Merger & Acquisition due diligence, to China market entry strategy, to hands on nuts and bolts operational and management issues in China – China Business Development Associates has over 120 years of combined China experience at the ready to assist you in formulation of your China strategy, decision making, and execution!