US China Business Development Associates


CBDA:  Your Partners for Business Success in China

Our Services:
One-stop-shop providing a full range of professional advisory services forforeign corporations operating in China or seeking to enter the market

Advisory Services:
Investment & Transaction Advise
Partnership Management

Representation & Staffing Services:
Staffing & Support Services

Supply Chain Services
Logistics and Export Trading
Supply Chain Quality Assurance

Our Team:

David Stiefel : Over twenty years China management experience in areasof China Business Operations, Sales & Marketing, Import/Export, Sourcing, Supply Chain, Finance, Professional Services and Distribution. General Manager and Legal Representative for several Fortune 500 companies in China as well as the founder of various companies in China, including China Business Development Associates., Inc.


Zhang Qing:  Over twenty years in senior China government and business positions.  Zhang Qing has served with the Ministry Of Machinery in Beijing and has senior government contacts all around China.  Zhang Qing has also represented US manufacturing organizations such CIMA & AEM (funded by the US government Department Of Commerce) promoting US exports to China and has an excellent knowledge of China manufacturing, import/export landscape, and government relations.


Steve Wyatt: Fourteen years providing strategy, investment & organizationadvice in China and SE Asia.  Lead the Strategy Practice and FMCG Practice forThe Monitor Group, a leading global consulting company.  Founder of variouscompanies in Hong Kong and China.

Michael O'laughlin: Twenty six years providing legal, investment and business advice in China.  Legal advisor to dozens of leading Fortune 500 companies in China.  Manufacturer and supplier of food and flavors to leading US and European food, candy, and beverage producers.  A team of over 500 employees, engineers,
and chemists at seven various O'laughlin owned flavor, fragrance, and
bio tech factories in China.


Li Hong: Mr. Li brings over twenty years of automotive, industrial, andmedical device manufacturing managment expertise to CBDA.  Mr. Li has workedfor some of the largest Chinese and US corporations in senior managementpostions running China manufacturing operations.


Ellen Lu: Ms. Lu is a brings a wealth of Educational, Program Managementand Government Relationions expertise.  Ms. Lu is also a simultaneoustranslator with degrees from various universities in China as well as Europe.


Staff and Associates
Our associates and staff are drawn from a wide variety of industry and professional services backgrounds as we believe firmly that first handexperience and personal knowledge are essential.  The team includes many talented staff with operations and production management experience, sourcing and procurementexperience, import and export experience as well as legal and consultancy experience.

Our associates and staff are all either Chinese nationals or are fluent inChinese and have several years operating experience in China.

Our Results:
Our primary measure of success is the proportion of long term relationshipsthat we form with our clients.  The majority of our business comes from clients thatwe have worked with before, often for multiple years and across a wide variety of issues.